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Do Enhancement Products Make Sex Better?

Whether we want to believe it or not, our North American culture is still deeply confused about sex and pleasure. We all have sex. We all love sex. We all want sex.

But there are still people out there who hold that reproduction is the function and that pleasure is not at the forefront of our sexual lives. To those people, we say, get real. Sex is about connection, exploration, pleasure and fun.

We know sex toys can be intimidating to introduce to new partnerships or one-night stands, and a lot of questions hang in the air: Which toys are safest? Which toys are better for different types of play? Will I need lube? How do I actually use this damn thing? This is why we suggest topical male enhancement products that can be used discreetly and unknowingly by the man. Simply apply the topical male enhancement product to the penis and your partner will be none the wiser. It will intensify your erection and intensify the sexual pleasure.

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